MICADO + ScopeSim


A new MICADO data simulator is being developed as part of the generic simulator ScopeSim, a descendant of the older SimCADO software.


  • A working installation of Python 3.6 or newer

  • A working installation of Jupyter notebooks if you want to run the simulator from notebooks, i.e. using a graphical interactive interface, rather than just the terminal or scripts (highly recommended)

  • A working installation of the Python package installer pip


Bug reports and help-desk

If you come across a bug or get stuck with a certain aspect of ScopeSim or the MICADO package, please get in touch with us (emails addresses below).

Your feedback is the only way we know what needs to be changed/improved with the package and the simulator

Installation & setup

  1. Install scopesim in your python environment:

    $ pip install scopesim
  2. Create a directory where your simulation notebooks will live, e.g. ~/path/to/playing_with_scopesim/

  3. Install relevant irdb packages & download example notebooks into this directory:

    $ python
    >> import scopesim
    >> scopesim.download_packages(["Armazones", "ELT", "MICADO"])
  4. Download one of the tutorial notebooks (see Python notebooks)

  5. In a Terminal, cd to ~/ScopeSim and execute the notebook by calling:

    $ cd ~/path/to/playing_with_scopesim/
    $ jupyter notebook filename.ipynb
  6. Follow instruction and explanations in the notebook.

Python notebooks


To download a notebook from Github, either:

  • view the raw file and save this disk from the browser, or

  • navigate up one level, then right click the file and save as

Download the example notebooks from the Github repo

Scientific use-case notebooks

Science case notebooks



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Documentation and useful references

Contact points